Fine Estate

Ti vedo: i capelli lunghi e rossi
sciolti sulla lucente seta
che gioca ad illuminarsi
sulla tua pelle pallida.

Hai sul tuo viso le scaglie
Della grazia esplosa
Insieme al big bang


Sei tu, stupenda esplosione
che stanotte sento nel buio
e che spaventa i cani nella notte
e che incanta i giovani che lungo le coste
t’inseguono nell’oscuritá esplosa
nei miracolosi colori di fine estate.



A Dachshund Collage A Day with @acidinvader

To see more of David Carnie’s whimsical wiener dog works, follow @acidinvader on Instagram.

Before he became a prolific, semi-anonymous creator of dachshund-themed collages, David Carnie’s biggest claim to fame was coining the term “bromance” in the mid-90s. (“I’m sorry,” he says.) For the past year and a half, however, David has produced a dachshund collage nearly every single day under the pseudonym @acidinvader—an anagram of his name.

David began collaging as an exercise in creativity after receiving a daily dachshund calendar as a gift from his parents. “At the time, I had a soul-crushing job that was rendering me mentally bankrupt,” David says, “so I gave myself an assignment: make one piece of art every day for one year.” A year came and went, and he kept collaging.

“I like the random juxtapositions that collages create,” explains David. “That’s part of the ‘exercise’: letting go.” But that doesn’t mean his collages are completely devoid of deeper meaning: “There’s the occasional smarty-pants reference to literature, mythology, fairy tales or music.”